Tuesday, 7 November 2017

29. Diet and Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Diet and Colorectal Cancer Prevention

     Research shows that diet and exercise provide powerful protection against colorectal cancer according to a recent report by the American Institute of Cancer Research and the Scotland-based Worldwide Cancer Research.
     “This report demonstrates that there is a lot people can do to dramatically lower their risk" says Edward L Giovannucci, Professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health.
      The report shows a clear relationship between eating whole grains daily and a reduction in colorectal cancer risk. The more you eat, the lower the risk. Eating three servings a day reduces the risk by a remarkable 17 percent; a useful addition to a 'Stop Cancer' diet!
   Evidence confirms the known fact that overweight and obesity adds noticeably to the risk not only to colorectal cancer but also to a plethora of other cancers, as does the lack of regular exercise.
     The report points to emerging evidence that a diet with fish, and fruit and non-starchy vegetables high in vitamin C help to provide cancer prevention. However it strengthens the link between colorectal cancer and over-consumption of red or processed meats.“
      As research continues to emerge for these factors, it all points to the power of a plant-based diet, says Alice Bender, AICR Director of Nutrition Programs.
     “Replacing some of your refined grains with whole grains and eating mostly plant foods, such as fruits, vegetables and beans, will give you a diet packed with cancer-protective compounds and help you manage your weight, which is so important to lower risk. 
     “When it comes to cancer there are no guarantees, but it’s clear now there are choices you can make and steps you can take to lower your risk of colorectal and other cancers,” she points out.

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