Wednesday, 22 June 2016

26. Turmeric and Cancer Prevention

     Turmeric root is one of the most important 'Stop Cancer' nutrients thanks to Curcumin, the root’s distinctive yellow pigment.
     Clinical trials have shown it to combat breast, prostate, liver, colon, lung and pancreas cancer among others. It actually stops cancer cells from multiplying by division and also triggers programmed cell death, the body’s natural and necessary way of ridding itself from damaged cells.  Curcumin has the ability to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unharmed. It is still not widely prescribed in cancer prevention or therapy as there is little financial incentive to do so.  Drug companies cannot patent natural substances, and without a patent there is no profit.
     You will receive many of the cancer prevention benefits of Curcumin however, by using turmeric root in your cooking. It has a light flavour and can be grated or chopped and added to recipes. 
     The possibilities are endless with this diverse spice.  Add to curries or to vegetables like rice or cauliflower, for both colour and flavour. Combine with a little black pepper and/or olive oil or coconut oil, to significantly increase the body’s absorption of Curcumin. 
     To make a healing tea, finely slice or grate fresh turmeric root. Add along with some grated or sliced ginger root to a teapot and steep in hot water. Sweeten your tea if desired with local honey or green leaf stevia. The longer you steep, the more intense the colour and flavour of your tea.  I make a batch each week and refrigerate it, to drink first thing each morning with a little added lemon juice.

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